Aroostook Sectional Council

Dinner & Development (with a side of Business)

This year our sectional councils are going to look a different. As always, we are encouraging our Ordained, Licensed, and Certified credential holders to attend and participate in business and the elections of your sectional officers. However, this year we are also encouraging your entire church leadership and key volunteer teams to attend a night full of leadership development.

This year’s teaching will be presentd by author, church consultant, Pastor and former Shepherd (literally), Jim Van Yperen. He is the director of Metanoia Ministries, and his topic will be “Redemptive Leadership: Identifying and Redeeming the Conflict in You”. The seminar will explore five turning points of every conflict that will reveal and refine our calling to embody reconciliation as a way of life.

For more information on Jim and Metanoia Ministries:

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Hourly Schedule

Event Schedule

5:30 - 6:15
6:15 - 6:30
Business Session
6:30 - 8:00
Development Teaching

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