We’re a community of women from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, journeying forward with Jesus and each other. Together, we are growing in Christ, leading for Christ, and loving as Christ. You are invited to be part of the movement!


Ephesians 4:16

Wherever you are in your stage of life, and in your journey with God, you’re not alone. You belong. As we move toward Jesus we find common ground. In authentic community, we are Growing Together in Christ!

How can you grow with us?
Join us at an upcoming event, follow us on socials, and take advantage of opportunities to grow in Christ as they come up. 



Psalm 68:11

Your influence is essential for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. We are culture-makers, innovators, groundbreakers, trailblazers! In the church and in the marketplace, in the home and around the world, we are Leading Together for Christ.

How can you lead with us?
Serve on the Dream Team at our next event! Look for upcoming leadership development opportunities and dive in! If you are woman in ministry (credentialed or seeking credentials) please connect with our regional NWM by joining the private group. If you lead your church’s local ministry to women, please connect with other leaders by joining the private group. 

Network for Women Ministers Group
Women's Ministry Leaders Group


Romans 12:9

We embody God’s heart, generously giving our resources, our time, our best. A united force, we are a missional presence, an expression of God’s grace to the unreached and overlooked. Champions for righteousness, justice and peace, we are Loving Together as Christ.

How can you love with us?
We consistently engage in opportunities for regional and global impact through offerings and purchases which support ministries. Additionally, we love by serving locally and globally on mission trips.

Partnerships we are currently highlighting are: 

Project Rescue


Director of Together

As far back as she can remember, Abi’s heart has been for people to experience the love of Jesus within the context of community. As a lead pastor, she’s journeyed with men and women in her church family for years. Now, she’s excited to invest in the women of Northern New England! She is passionate about facilitating opportunities for women to encounter God, find identity in Christ, cultivate life-giving friendships, and become influential for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Abi is an ordained minister with the AG. She holds an MA in Leadership and Evangelism from Wheaton College, where she learned within the context of a Propel Cohort of incredible women.