NNED Men's Ministries

Our goal is to assist men around Northern New England with their walk with Christ. We set out to help men have the courage to explore and begin their walk with Christ, the strength to develop the lifestyle that enhances the discipleship patterns of Christ, and the endurance to live a victorious life that allows their family, friends, colleagues and the younger generations to find their fulfillment in Christ.

Light For The Lost

LFTL is one of the most productive literature ministries in the world. Originally designed to provide salvation specific written literature for missionaries at home and abroad, LFTL has grown to provide not only tracts and Bibles, but support for television, internet, CD, DVD, and MP3 players to name a few things.
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Upcoming Events

We hold various yearly events through out the year that are all pointed back to helping kids dive deeper into their relationship with God. These events help kids grow their creative gifts, discover their love for missions, or experience God in a new way. We also have various opportunities for pastors and leaders to grow in their abilities as well. Below are just a few coming up.
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