Real Women Real Life

We have hundreds of women, both wives of Pastors and Pastors themselves, throughout our district. Plus hundreds more within our churches. Our goal is create areas where these women can be filled by the Spirit and in turn have an impact on their family, friends, and beyond.

Women Ministers

We want to connect and inspire credentialed women ministers, and those seeking credentials. We are dedicated to building community among our women ministers and providing leadership development opportunities.

Pastor's Wives

We value the role pastors’ wives fill in the life of the local churches and organizations. Come join other lead and staff pastors’ wives from all over Northern New England as we gather to reconnect with old friends and welcome new friends to this awesome, privileged life of being married to a pastor.

Women of All Ages

We exist to resource the local church and its leaders to help women fully embrace the life Christ offers. As women become Spirit-filled followers of Christ their influence will lead to healthier families, churches, workplaces, communities and a healthier world.

Upcoming Events

We hold various yearly events through out the year that are all pointed back to helping women dive deeper into their relationship with God. These events help women grow their creative gifts, discover their love for missions, or experience God in a new way. We also have various opportunities for pastors and leaders to grow in their abilities as well. Below are just a few coming up.
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