RWRL Fall Retreat

It is time to start thinking and planning for our annual Fall Retreat. Rev. Crystal Martin is our guest speaker; Crystal is the National Director for the Assemblies of God Network of Women Ministers and the Director of Chi Alpha Missions International.

FALL RETREAT is going to be LIVE on Oct 15 & 16th, Friday evening and Saturday morning- (ending at 3:00 PM). We will be meeting in Portsmouth, NH at Connect Community Church, 200 Chase Drive. Plus, there will be a virtual option to watch retreat LIVE at your church or home. Another option is to schedule your retreat on a later date for a watch party with all your gals ON DEMAND (viewing available two weeks after live event). This is the year of choices and it’s totally up to you. Here is an example of how it could work. Let’s say 4 of the gals in your church really want to go to the LIVE (in person) event in Portsmouth, but most of your gals want to do a watch party. No problem! Just schedule the watch party later (a few weeks after or a month later); then, you can watch it again all together & be blessed with your group. However, you will really need to plan ahead now. Because the LIVE retreat is happening at the height of leaf peeping season in New England, it is best to reserve your hotel rooms at this time.

Registration opens June 1st online at

  • The LIVE FALL RETREAT will only accept the first 250 people who register; please don’t delay registering with the district online. The LIVE registration fee is $50 per person.
  • You can also register online for watch parties at your church or home. Pre- registration for church or home virtual viewing is $15 (or $20 at the church door).*If you are going to the LIVE in Portsmouth AND you will also be attending the private one at your church on a later date, you DO NOT have to pay again. Your $50 registration fee covers your watch party viewing with the rest of your group.

Your video submission: the last two events I have asked you to participate by sending me a video. Okay movie stars, I am asking once again for your wonderful input. At the fall retreat, our theme is She Abides. To abide in Jesus is to remain in Him, drawing our very life from Him. (John 15:5). What does abiding mean to you? What does it look like in your life? Is there a special practice or place that helps you to abide in Jesus? Let’s share our thoughts on abiding. Please send in a video (less than 2 minutes; recording horizontally) letting us know what abiding in Christ means to you. At the retreat we’ll play the videos. What a sweet way to strengthen each other! Begin with the phrase, “My favorite way to abide with Him is ……” OR “Abiding in Jesus means….”

Then, send it to me at I will need your video by SEPT 1st and please type your name – ABIDE with JESUS in the subject line. I will email you back that I have it. If you don’t hear from me in a couple days please send it again. Thanks for being a big part of the Fall Retreat. I really don’t want to miss anyone!

Church Watch Party Give Away: Girls, let me recommend buying one book for the door prize at your event. This year’s book for national women’s Bible study is The Settled Soul by Jodi Detrick. It is fabulous and we will be showing a brief excerpt featuring it during retreat. (This would be a great study for your women’s group, too.) One may be purchased at for $17.99.

Your response: Would you please let me know what your church is planning for this year’s Annual RWRL Fall Retreat?

  • Attending the LIVE Fall Retreat in Portsmouth, NH
  • Attending the LIVE Fall Retreat in Portsmouth AND having a LIVE (stream) eventon the same day at our church
  • Hosting a LIVE STREAM Fall Retreat watch party at our church on the day of theevent
  • Attending the LIVE Fall Retreat in Portsmouth AND hosting the ON DEMAND FallRetreat later
  • Hosting the ON DEMAND event at a later date; please tell me the date you arescheduling

See, I told you there are many choices! Please email me what your church is doing and the dates of your event where applicable. Thank you for saving me many, many hours of phone calls by emailing me at

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Oct 15 - 16 2021


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