Reverend Dennis Marquardt

Pastor Dennis Marquardt has a rich history of over 35 years of ministry, having served as a Pastor in rural North Dakota, and then several years as a Youth Pastor in a large urban Assembly of God Church in Arlington, VA. In 1978 he and his wife Bevie Jo pioneered a new Assembly of God Church in Vergennes, Vermont with the Northern New England Districtís home missions program and served this congregation for 24 years as Senior Pastor. In the past he has served as a sectional Presbyter, Assistant Superintendent, District parliamentarian as well as serving on several district committees. He presently serves as a General Presbyter nationally, and as a member of the board of Trustees for Valley Forge Christian College and Zion Bible College and is the District Superintendent of the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God which covers the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. He also serves on a number of other Para-church ministry boards.


The mission of NNED is to promote the establishment, development, and the health of our Churches and Ministers.

We will accomplish this mission in the following ways:

By providing visionary leadership for the expansion of the Gospel.
By providing strategies for new Church plants in our district.
By providing resources and training to strengthen churches and ministers;
By providing guidance and encouragement to churches and ministers;
By providing accountability for churches, church leaders, and the district;
By providing a process for credentials in ministry within the A/G;


Our core values are not dependent on present leaders or their terms of office, they are the very character of godly leadership in accomplishing the tasks given to us by our Lord and therefore they transcend institutional paradigms.

Relationships built on godly love, trust, and openness.
Integrity in character and communication.
Service that expresses the very attitude and example of Jesus Christ.
Excellence as the standard for all our efforts.
Culturally relevant while anchored to historical and biblical truth.