When a minister who is a member of our Fellowship is removed from our rolls for any cause, except failure to renew and dismissal, and shall apply for reinstatement, he or she shall not be eligible for reinstatement until at least 6 months have elapsed after his or her name has been stricken from our list of ministers. (General Council A/G Bylaws, Article VII, Section 10, Subsection e.)

1. Individual makes a written request through the District Secretary/Treasureís office for reinstatement consideration.

2. The District Secretary Treasurerís office will seek a letter of clearance from the district that processed the termination (if necessary). Upon clearance, the District Secretary Treasurerís office will forward the Reinstatement Application to the applicant.

3. The individual returns the completed application and forms with $100.00 (non-refundable application fee) to the District Secretary Treasurer.

4. An examination is required if the applicant for reinstatement has been without credentials for 2 or more years. No re-examination is necessary for individuals who have been without credentials for less than two years.

5. The District Secretary/Treasurerís office will schedule the applicant (and spouse) for a final interview with the District Credentials Committee.

6. Applicants will receive credentials at the final discretion of the General Council Credentials Committee based upon the recommendation of the District Credentials Committee. The recommendation is based upon satisfactorily completing the application, a passing grade on the examination (if required) and satisfactory personal interview.

7. Applicants who do not complete the credentialing process within one (1) year forfeit their application fees and must re-complete the entire application process and re-pay all application fees.