(see application flowchart here)

1. An individual makes written request to the District Secretary/Treasurerís office to be considered for credentials.

2. The District Secretary/Treasurerís office sends the application and accompanying forms to individual.

3. Individual returns the completed application and forms with $100.00 (non-refundable application fee) to the District Secretary/Treasurerís office.

TRANSCRIPTS: Applicants are required to have official transcripts forwarded from the schools where they have received their Bible training to the District Secretary/Treasureís office. Applicants who have not completed a course on ďA/G History and PolityĒ or its equivalent must do so prior to the interview.

REFERENCES: References from several individuals will be requested.  Provide complete addresses. It is preferred that the ministers used for references be credentialed Assemblies of God ministers. Do not use a sectional presbyter or district official since they serve on the District Credentials Committee.

4. Applicant is requested to read The Contemporary Pastor by Charles Crabtree, and submit a written synopsis of the book to the District Secretary/Treasurerís office.

5. The District Secretary Treasurerís office notifies the applicant to proceed in contacting the sectional presbyter to arrange to take the written examination. The examination is taken in the presence of the sectional presbyter. Applicants may bring the General Council and District Council Constitutions and Bylaws and their Bible (text only). Section I. Doctrine and Theology can be taken with the use of the Bible (text) only. The Bible (text), the General Council Constitution and Bylaws and the District Council constitution and Bylaws may be used when taking the remainder of the test. Once Section I is completed and Section II started, you are not to go back to or refer back to Section I. The exam must be completed prior to the interview with the District Credentials Committee (comprised of District Executive Officers and Sectional Presbyters.)

6. The District Secretary/Treasurerís office will schedule the applicant (and spouse) for an interview with the District Credentials Committee.

7. Candidates will receive credentials at the final discretion of the General Council Credentials Committee based upon the recommendation of the District Credentials Committee. The recommendation is based upon the completion of basic educational requirements, satisfactory application requirements, a passing grade on the examination, and satisfactory personal interviews.

8. Applicants who do not complete the credentialing process within one (1) year forfeit their application fees and must re-complete the entire application process and re-pay all application fees.