Credentialing Information

A message from Pastor Ed...

Thank you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and for being open to the call of God. I trust that the information being provided on this web site will be helpful as you seek God’s will for your life and ministry.
Several steps are involved in the credentialing process. Your Pastor, your Executive Officers and District Presbytery are all part of the team that is working with you in the fulfillment of God’s will. This high calling is not something to be entered into lightly, but through much prayer and preparation. Our desire is for our Assemblies of God ministers to be the best equipped ministers anywhere!

The Call

We are fully committed to the biblical truth that a minister must be called of God. How is this call evidenced? I look for three things:
(1) The candidate should have experienced a definite inward
witness of the Spirit, an awareness in some form that
“this is God!”
(2) The gift of God should be evidenced by fruit of the call, an
evidence of the anointing, even if it is in an embryonic
stage; and...
(3) The witness of mature ministers and saints that confirms
the call.


It is the responsibility of the candidate to prepare for the work of God.  Study and experience are essential! Minimum educational requirements must be met either through approved studies or confirmed life preparation. Along with the course work, the candidate should be active in service in a local church and working under the guidance of his or her pastor.
Jesus said, “the fields are white to harvest." There is no greater joy than being a part of the work of God. Saying “yes” may seem frightening, but God is faithful. “Where He guides, He provides.” Best of all, may heaven be a little fuller because of your obedience and faith

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