1. General requirements.
They shall show promise of usefulness in the gospel work. They shall devote a part of their time to Christian ministry and, at the discretion of the District Credentials Committee, remain under the supervision of a pastor or a designated supervisor. They shall preach at least 12 times a year or be actively engaged in some other aspect of ministry except in case of ill health or advanced age.

2. Pastoral requirements.
In the event a certified minister is serving in a position as the pastor, he or she shall be expected to advance to license to preach within 2 years of acceptance of the pastorate. This shall not apply to any minister who has reached the age of 65 or older, or whose certificate has been issued on a provisional basis. Any exceptions shall be at the discretion of the District Credentials Committee.

3. Exception for provisional issuance. A Certificate of Ministry may be issued on a provisional basis to a person who has not met all the credentialing requirements but who is deemed by the District Credentials Committee to be essential to the continuity of a church or a ministry. The reason for such a provisional issuance must be ministry driven, and the justification for its use is terminated when the minister ceases to be involved in the ministry for which it was initially granted unless the minister accepts another qualifying assignment. Other limitations are:

(a) The ministry certificate on a provisional basis will be issued for 1 year and shall not be renewed more than than two times.

(b) A person who has been granted the Certificate of Ministry on a provisional basis must meet the qualifications for a ministry certificate within a 3 year period.