Your Real Life

District Fellowship News

September, October 2005

“get Real.”

Have you ever heard that from someone as you explained the situation that was closing in on you or them.

“Are you for real?”

Sometimes incredulously spoken when someone doesn’t like the way you held the line on some behavior they thought would be okay and you knew wouldn’t.

“Are you living in reality?”

Maybe you heard this as you suggested the answer to a problem could be found by calling on the Creator for help.

What is real? What reality do we live in? Throughout the ages there have been philosophers and ”scientists” who have denied that the physical realm even exists. The premise of the movie trilogy “The Matrix” was that you are living in a computer generated life with your brain wired so that all your nerves and senses think they are really experiencing sensation but in reality they are being fooled by electrical stimuli. If you’re lucky someone will “wake you up” and you’ll be able to experience the real world. On the other side of the coin, there are those who accept a belief that reality consists of only what we can touch, see, smell, and verify. No spirits, no soul, no after-life, no God. It’s physical or it doesn’t exist. Nothing is real, it’s all in our minds, or only what we can measure and touch or feel is real. Which is the true reality?

The Bible teaches us that there is a mixture of both, that we live in a physical world, but one that is not the end of our existence. The things that we can reach out and touch are real, they exist, they are not just made up in our minds. We can sit in a chair because it is there, floors hold us from falling to the ground, jello wiggles, rocks are hard. However that is not all there is. God also exists, and we are made in His image, beings with souls that can outlast the physical existence of the body we now have. There is more to us than just the physical atoms that make up the materials that are combined together to form our flesh. We are more than the sum of all our physical parts because the Creator breathed life into us. That makes human beings different than the rest of creation, and it allows us to share some of the attributes of the Almighty One who created us. We can love, show mercy, extend grace, reason, feel peace, experience joy, wait patiently, and much more. All things you cannot measure physically but that certainly exist. As a Christian, your real life is a combination of the physical and spiritual. You do not have to be enslaved by the desires and pulls of this world, but you can be transformed. Actually the truth of this reality is that you cannot ignore the Kingdom of God because you know that it is there. Your life follows the principles of that kingdom, and it cannot be denied. It is your reality, your real life, there can be no separation. Denying the existence of either the physical or the spiritual only hinders your ability to function as the child of God you were designed to be. Live in reality.