Did We Hear From God?

District Fellowship News
November, December 2004

The people gathered at the foot of the mountain amid the flashes of light and rolls of thunder. The mountain itself seemed to be covered in smoke. As Moses emerged from the darkness, he shared with them the commandments that God had proclaimed to him. "Thou shalt not...." is the way they start in the KJV. Don't do this, or this. God spoke to the people of Israel, showed Himself and His power to them.

Throughout history, people have wanted God to speak to them, both individually and corporately. Each day many of us get on our knees and cry out, 'God show me your ways. Guide me in truth. Set my feet on the path you would have me to follow.' In our culture, we emphasize the individual over the corporate. So we concentrate on what God wants me to do, where He wants me to go. There is nothing wrong with this unless we fail to realize that we are part of a bigger picture, a body that includes not only our local church but Christ's followers throughout the world. God's Kingdom is not based solely on the individual. Certainly there is an individual aspect to salvation and personal
responsibility to follow the leading of God, but God also deals with the corporate body of believers. He dealt with Israel as a nation and punishment or blessings came to the nation, to the group. In the New Testament, he deals with the church, the members of the body, the bride (all denoting corporate entities). Hearing from God is not just about us individually, but it is about us as a body, as a group united together as the followers of God.

We must take seriously our responsibility when the body needs to hear the voice of God. Whether that is at a business meeting to determine our deacons, elders, or trustees, or during a fasting or prayer time when the body is called together to seek God's direction and guidance; it is never a time to push our agendas or desires. God does not have 10 different plans for the church. If we are willing to subjugate ourselves to His will, He will move us all in one direction. As we with open hearts, hear the wisdom of others, share what we feel God has laid on our hearts and seek the face of God, we should be able to hear the voice of God, to corporately come together following His leadership. Maybe the mountain isn't shaking, and the flashes and rumblings only seem to be from a passing rainstorm, but God still speaks to his body if only we would hear Him.