Registration Guidelines

You can enroll online or by completing the registration form. If you complete the registration you can either mail to NNED-SOM, 501 Riverside St, Portland, Maine 04103 or Fax to (207) 878-2779. Registration for future classes may also be completed on site during any class day.

Payment must accompany the registration. You can pay online with a credit card or if mailing in your registration, make checks payable to NNED or include credit card information as asked for on the form.

Deadline for enrollment is four (4) weeks prior to scheduled class.

Enroll for only one (1) course per scheduled class date.

Enroll for as many courses in advance as you would like or enroll one course at a time.

An insufficient number of students enrolled in a course will result in cancellation.


One time enrollment fee             $ 25.00

Tuition per course                       $ 55.00
          (includes study guide on CD)

Class auditing only (no credit)     $ 25.00
          (study guide not included)

          *Textbooks responsibility of student


The purchasing of required reading textbooks are the responsibility of the student. NNEDSOM will provide the student with sufficient information to purchase the text. This information is included at the beginning of each course study guide. Books range in price from $15 to $45.


NNEDSOM is partnering with CBD to make finding and purchasing textbooks easy and affordable for our students. Go to this site, choose our District (Northern New England), the program level, and month, and the required texts for your course will be listed.


Amazon: (can often buy nearly new or used, but make sure you have the correct edition and revision)


Gospel Publishing House (GPH):
          (800) 641-4310