The selection of appropriate pastor(s)/mentor(s) is critical to the success of the internship process. The term “pastor/mentor” refers to that person overseeing the student’s entire internship. Often the pastor/mentor is the senior pastor. The pastor/mentor must be approved by the NNEDSOM Director and District Superintendent. The pastor/mentor must be one who is fully cooperative and supportive of the ministries and policies of the District. The pastor/mentor may want to include another minister who has outstanding qualifications to give the intern the “best practice” experience in a given area.


An appropriate and qualified mentor must be…

• Ordained or credentialed one level above the credential
the student is seeking (exception of course for ordination).
• Not be a relative of the student.
• Willing to follow the policies and guidelines of the DSOM
internship process.
• Have demonstrated a proven ministry of cooperation and
• Have a minimum of five (5) years of pastoral experience.
• Willing to invest significant time in the intern and
internship process.
• Refuse to serve as a mentor in those areas in which they
lack the expertise or their involvement is not in the best
interest of the student.
• Refer students to others who have greater expertise in
areas when it is in the best interest of the student.
• Willing to complete and submit the required DSOM Pastor/
Mentor’s Summary & Evaluation Reports and completed
Student Summary Report and student’s Prayer Journal to
the DSOM Director at the end of the three (3) month
• Be approved by the DSOM Director and District
• Willing to communicate concerns regarding the intern or
the internship process with DSOM Director.

Selecting a Pastor/Mentor

Students are to select an “appropriate and qualified” pastor/mentor who meets the standards outlined above. In addition the student is encouraged to:

• Seek a pastor/mentor who exemplifies “best practice” in
• Recognize that more than one pastor/mentor may be
• End the relationship if the pastor/mentor is unwilling or
unable to commit the time needed, comply with DSOM
standards or fails to carry out other responsibilities
• Recognize that their pastor may not be the best pastor/
mentor in all areas and seek their recommendation
for someone who can better serve.
• Develop a positive working relationship with their DSOM
and pastors/mentors based on mutual respect and
passion for ministry.