Ministry Internship Program


The NNEDSOM internship strategy enables students to confirm God’s call, develop the Christ like character, gain the competencies of ethical and effective ministry and develop the personal disciplines essential to successful life and ministry. The strategy uses guided “hands on” ministry experiences, interaction with qualified pastors/mentors, reading, and the exercise of personal spiritual disciplines to accomplish this mission.


• Exposure to a variety of skills, and practices.
• Develop effective people and conflict resolution skills.
• Ethical standards of ministry.
• Fulfill the Assemblies of God General Council internship
requirements for credentials.
• Minister effectively within the Fellowship
• Seek “best practice” experiences and exposure to effective
ministry systems and structures.
• Help students develop skills and gifts for maximum
effectiveness in ministry.
• Help students develop the disciplines of effective servant


• Student Value: Equip students for effective ministry.
• Student Participation: Students participate in the design
and fulfillment of these standards and objectives.
• Cooperative Fellowship: Value ministry within the
Assemblies of God in a way that faithfully fulfills the
vision of a “voluntary cooperative fellowship.”
• Biblical Fidelity: Students develop ministry that is faithful to
biblical teaching, values, principles, and world view.
• Flexibility: Students can “tailor” their internship experience
in ways that better meet their needs and fulfill the
• Encourage Development: Students value and develop
the skills needed to pursue spiritual, personal, and
professional development throughout their life.