NNED School of Ministry
Equipping and Training for the 21st Century

What is NNEDSOM?

• NNEDSOM is a district sponsored and operated ministerial
training program that enables individuals to complete the
educational requirements necessary for becoming a
credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God.
• NNEDSOM also prepares lay leaders for effective ministry
in their local church setting.
• NNEDSOM uniquely combines home study, classroom
instruction, the studentís relationship with a mentor, and
active involvement in ministry to set their ministerial
• NNEDSOM seeks to provide the student with the
highest quality instruction and resources possible in a
practical and cost effective way.
• NNEDSOM gives educational direction, sets an
atmosphere for impartation of the Spirit, and guides the
studentís spiritual development to equip them for effective,
full-time ministry.

What are the benefits of NNEDSOM?

- Builds a strong biblical foundation.
- Establishes spiritual formation and disciplines.
- Builds lasting relationships.
- Develops ministerial character, ethics, and integrity.
- It is time measured and cost affordable.
- Provides academic accountability.
- It is practical in structure.
- It is flexible and expandable in format.
- Instills learning disciples in study, time management, and
- It is direct, hands-on involvement in ministerial training.

NNEDSOM's guiding principles
• NNEDSOM is NOT a college or university. Individuals who
are able to attend college or seminary are strongly
encouraged to attend an endorsed A/G college or
seminary! (www.colleges.ag.org)
• NNEDSOM in NOT an accredited school. Students must not
expect that their NNEDSOM courses will be accepted by
any A/G college, Bible school, or other accredited college.
• NNEDSOM is NOT the same as Berean School of the Bible
or Global University correspondence education. NNEDSOM
satisfies the same credentialing requirements. Berean
offers students correspondence courses that can be taken
at any tme and at the studentís own pace. NNEDSOM
courses are only available at specific times.
NNEDSOM is NOT the same as credentialing. NNEDSOM
certainly helps applicants meet the educational
requirements for credentialing. Credentialing within our
Fellowship is an altogether separate process with its own
exams, application and forms, and interview. Students
interested in seeking credentials should contact the
District Secretaryís office for additional information.
• NNEDSOM IS about helping those who want to grow in
their understanding of the Bible and ministry. It
provides the instruction, interaction, accountability,
and relationships that are not available through
correspondence courses.
• NNEDSOM IS for those who need to complete their
educational requirements for credentialing within the
Assemblies of God.
• NNEDSOM IS for laypersons who may not be interested in
credentials or full-time ministry, but who want to learn
more about the Bible and improve their ability to serve
Christ and their church.

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