Christian Education Training Modules

The following training events based on the National Sunday School department Books of the Year are best taught in either an all day format or a Friday evening - Saturday AM scenario. Pastor Ed is available to come and moderate these sessions as well as other training modules designed specifically for your staff. These materials can also be obtained through Gospel Publishing House so that you or someone in your local congregation can teach the workshop.

1. Give Them What They Want 

Today's students at every age level bring high expectations to the Sunday School classroom. Are you equipped to meet the challenge? Give Them What They Want: Turning Sunday School Into a Place Where People Want to Be helps you explore how to meet the felt-needs of your constituents and seekers while providing strong Biblical teaching. Needs such as friendship, purpose, fun, meeting God, understanding, finding answers, a better way of life, and truth are addressed in the context of the small group or class. Discover how to turn your Christian Education venue into the place your students want to be.

2. Make A Difference! Be A Teacher 

Make A Difference! Be A Teacher will help everyone involved in the teaching ministry of your church to maximize his or her influence. Both veteran and newly recruited teachers will discover how attitudes and actions impact effectiveness, and study key components in the teaching process that help students internalize biblical information, bringing real change to their lives.
Chapter Headings include:  Teachers Who Make a Difference...Trust God's Call; Model Christlike Character; Know Their Students; Maximize Their Influence,  and    Teaching That Makes a Difference....Sets a Measure of Maturity; Brings Creativity to the Classroom; Connects Beliefs to Behavior; Renews the Emphasis on Evangelism.

3. Awakening The Sleeping Giant 

Awakening The Sleeping Giant is designed to help churches revitalize the ministry of Sunday School and to more effectively see students transformed by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. It isn't about a fresh coat of paint; it's about optimizing your Sunday School from the ground up - from the way it's perceived to how it's implemented. Find out how to develop a vigorous, relevant Sunday School, harness it's power to reach the lost, help believers grow passionate for God and others, equip Christians for ministry, as well as how to unite congregations in love, loyalty, and mission.

4. Opening The Toolbox

Sunday school is all about building the greandest edifice of them all: the Kingdom of God There's no denying you've got the best workers around, but how about your equipment - your curriculum? Do you have what you need? Is it going to get the job done? The last thing you need is to really get to work only to discover you're short some key tools, learn their purpose, and get the most out of them to take your Sunday School to the next level.

5. Perprtuating Truth Through Teaching

Perpetuating Truth Through Teaching looks at eight Bible figures who responded to God's truths, gleans principles from their lives, and applies these fundamentals to teaching today. It's an uplifting look at the importance of teaching, an exhortation of its necessity, and a witness to the unshakable vitality of the truth that God has called you to teach.

For more information about scheduling one of these or other training events for your workers, email Pastor Ed  at or call 208.878.2777.

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