Top Ten District Churches
(Through September)

1.  Full Gospel Assembly
       Lagrange, ME                              $       2449.24
2.  First Assembly of God
       Lewiston, ME                            $        1900.61
3.  Calvary Pentecostal Church
       Madison, ME                            $        1605.18
4.  Calvary Church AG
        Proctorsville, VT                       $       1000.00
5.  Roadside Chapel
        Rutland, VT                               $         852.23
6.  Calvary Temple AG
        East Millinocket, ME                $         747.14
7.  Caribou Assembly of God
       Caribou, ME                               $         677.41
8.  Vibrant Church
        South Burlington, VT                 $        450.00
9.   Windham AG Ministries
        Windham, ME                            $         364.29
10. First Assembly
        Fort Kent, ME                            $        328.05

!!What's Happening in the World!!

Exciting things are happening with the offerings you give to BGMC.  Recently Larry and Mary Kessler, Russia shared that BGMC purchased the heavy coats and hats that the Hosanna project one year team members needed as they travel Russia with the gospel.

District Happenings

1.  Does your church participate in the BGMC program?  If, not why not let this be the year your church becomes part of the program.  You can receive all you need with the BGMC Missions manual on CD: 12 months of material available at  No offering is too small to be used by BGMC to reach boys and girls for the Lord.

2.  If you participate in BGMC, have you sent in your goal for 2017?  It’s not too late, drop a note in the mail or e-mail the district office

3.  We would like to be able to send out information on a regular basis to the person in your church who does BGMC.  Would you be so kind to send your church name, your coordinators name and their e-mail address to

Two thirds of the year has gone by.  How are you doing reaching your goal?  District wide we have raised $11,374.42 which is 28½ % of our year’s goal of $40,000.  We have a long way to go.

Recently we received a challenged from David Boyd, BGMC Director to double our last year’s giving.  Last year NNE BGMC raised $28,629. Double that would be $57,258.  We would be happy this year to reach the $40,000.

We challenge you to increase your BGMC giving ABOVE AND BEYOND what you had given last year.  Challenge your children
to give more this year.  If you are using unique ways to raise BGMC monies we would love you to share them with others that we might encourage those struggling with a fresh idea. If you are one of our churches not presently supporting BGMC you still have time to start a BGMC program this year.  Your children and your church will be blessed.

As a reminder, BGMC’s theme again this year is ABOVE AND BEYOND, from HCSB version of Ephesians 3:20.  “Now to Him who is able to do ABOVEAND BEYOND all that we think or ask.” God is a god of the impossible and wants to do the possible for us when we take Him at His word.  He wants to see children come to know Him.  Let’s see what God can do through us.

We also encourage you to stop by or for missionaries’ testimonies of what BGMC is doing for them, children’s activities and new products.

Alice M Kellogg
NNED BGMC coordinator

BGMC helps support local projects in NNE including supplying outreach packets for Chi Alpha, sound equipment for a home missions church, and other various ministry needs.

When a new church opens BGMC allows them $600 to be used towards the purchase of startup supplies such as communion sets, offering bags or plates, overhead projectors, church office supplies, and much more as well as underwriting 1/2 the cost of Sunday School curriculum for the first year.

Great promotional ideas can be found at the National BGMC site, and for a catalog of BGMC resources order the free  resource catalog (item number 715-076) from Gospel Publishing House

Septembert Report

In September, you gave $2088 which brings our yearly total to $13462. So we averaged $1496 per month. We have had 25 of the churches in our District contribute this year. Our average giving per participating church is $538.
If you have any questions about the amount your church has been credited for please contact the NNE Chuch Ministries office at 207.878.2777, or send an email to

In September,
First AG in Lewiston, ME was the top giving church with $905 for the month, followed by  Full Gospel Assembly in Lagrange, ME who contributed $264.  Full Gospel Assembly in Lagrange, ME is our top giving church for this year with a total of $2449. Make sure you check out the full listing for the year to see how your church did.
Any questions or suggestions, email the Church Ministries Department


Page last updated: October 4, 2017